Month: June 2015

  • Some useful issue queries for Atlassian JIRA

    I wanted to share a few queries I created for Atlassian JIRA, that help me to keep track of my activities (e.g. for a weekly report, or to keep track of issues I submitted to other developers) – maybe they are useful for you, too: “My issues reported last week”: reporter = currentUser() AND createdDate […]

  • Pretty nifty a site dedicated to tutorials workflows…

    Pretty nifty, a site dedicated to tutorials, workflows and a showcase for high-quality photography using Free/Open Source Software:

  • Shared storage in the cloud

    While virtualization makes it pretty easy to spawn up new VMs quickly (e.g. for load balancing purposes), I always felt that providing concurrent file-based access to the same data to these VMs has been somewhat cumbersome, even though it’s still a requirement for many applications that need to share data between parts of the application, […]