Our Heatle has finally arrived

It finally happened. I almost lost hope in ever seeing a return on my small investment in this German startup, but after more than two years of waiting, we finally received our Heatle induction heater.

This device is ideal for efficiently and quickly heating liquids.

And it was worth the wait! The first cup of hot water was prepared successfully (and fast).

The rod is the crucial difference from a generic induction hob. It holds the stainless steel disk that heats up due to the induction currents. It also has a temperature sensor with a Bluetooth interface that communicates with the base (and later a mobile app) to control the energy flow.

In addition to the medium-sized disk, smaller and bigger sized disks are available on the Heatle online store.

It’s noticeably faster than using a conventional kettle. You only heat the amount of liquid you need, and all the heat energy is released inside the cup.

So far, it’s working quite well and has helped us to replace a less efficient traditional water kettle.

The Heatle Team is working on a mobile app and additional accessories to make the device more versatile. I look forward to these enhancements!