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  • Ceph Octopus Tech Talk Video now online

    Yesterday, I had the opportunity to join Josh Durgin in a Ceph Tech Talk “What’s new in Octopus”, where we spoke about the key features and changes in the Ceph Octopus release (released in March). I took over the Ceph Dashboard part and gave a quick overview about the key highlights (starting at 5:48). If…

  • Pictures from FOSDEM 2019

    I finally got around to uploading my pictures from this year’s FOSDEM 2019 conference in Brussels, Belgium. I spent most of my time in the Software-defined Storage DevRoom, where I also spoke about the latest developments in the Ceph Dashboard. I also collected all Ceph-related FOSDEM talks on the Ceph blog. Enjoy!

  • Here’s another Ceph Manager Dashboard screencast showcasing how…

    Here’s another Ceph Manager Dashboard screencast, showcasing how the dashboard displays and reacts to ongoing changes in the Ceph cluster, e.g. when OSDs go down. Enjoy!

  • I created a short overview screencast of the…

    I created a short overview screencast of the Ceph Manager Dashboard, to give you an impression of what to expect in the upcoming Nautilus release. Enjoy!

  • DevConf.CZ 2019 conference report

    Summarizing my experiences at DevConf.CZ in Brno (CZ)

  • Pictures from recent Ceph events

    I finally got around to publishing a number of photo albums related to Ceph events that I attended in the past few months: Ceph Day Ede, NL, 2017-09-20 Ceph Day Darmstadt, DE, 2018-02-07 Cephalocon APAC 2018-03, Beijing, CN