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  • Slides and Video of my Ceph Dashboard talk at FrOSCon 14

    Last weekend, I attended FrOSCon 14 in St. Augustin, Germany. I gave a presentation about “Managing and Monitoring Ceph with the Ceph Dashboard”, where I gave an overview and update about our work on the Ceph Dashboard, including a live demo. Sadly, my poor little laptop ran out of resources near the end of the…

  • Pictures from FOSDEM 2019

    I finally got around to uploading my pictures from this year’s FOSDEM 2019 conference in Brussels, Belgium. I spent most of my time in the Software-defined Storage DevRoom, where I also spoke about the latest developments in the Ceph Dashboard. I also collected all Ceph-related FOSDEM talks on the Ceph blog. Enjoy!

  • List of FLOSS events in 2019

    Spotted at FOSDEM; this is a quite an exhaustive list of conferences and events about free and open source software: https://floss.events/2019/events.html

  • DevConf.CZ 2019 conference report

    Summarizing my experiences at DevConf.CZ in Brno (CZ)

  • Pictures from recent Ceph events

    I finally got around to publishing a number of photo albums related to Ceph events that I attended in the past few months: Ceph Day Ede, NL, 2017-09-20 Ceph Day Darmstadt, DE, 2018-02-07 Cephalocon APAC 2018-03, Beijing, CN

  • Einsendefrist für den OSBAR 2017 endet morgen!

    Der Open Source Business Award, kurz OSBAR, ist der Innovationspreis des Open Source Business Alliance Vereins. Auch in diesem Jahr werden wieder innovative und interessante Open Source-Projekte gesucht, die sich für diesen Preis bewerben wollen. Ich freue mich sehr, dieses Jahr Teil der Jury zu sein und bin schon sehr auf die Einreichungen gespannt. Am…

  • Conference report: OpenStack Summit 2015 Tokyo, Japan

    I finally got around to write down my impressions and notes from the OpenStack Summit 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. You can find my conference report on the openATTIC blog. Enjoy!