My name is Lenz Grimmer and I am a Linux/Open Source enthusiast since 1995.

I currently live in Hamburg, Germany and work for it-novum GmbH as the development and product management team lead for their Open Source Storage Management system openATTIC.

Before joining it-novum in July 2015, I worked at TeamDrive Systems GmbH as a Senior Product Manager from January 2014 until June 2015.

From April 2011 until December 2013, I was a member of the Oracle Linux Product Management Team at Oracle.

Prior to that role I worked in the MySQL community relations team. Before I joined that team in December 2005, I worked there as a senior production engineer, in charge of producing the offical MySQL server release builds.

Before MySQL, I was a developer in the distribution development team of SuSE Linux AG in Nuernberg, Germany from April 1998 until the end of March 2002.

My GPG public key (Key ID: 1024D/B27291F2)

Key fingerprint: 709C CE90 7684 0DAE 3965 DA37 4950 E12A B272 91F2

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