Web Browser Add-Ons to boost your productivity

I’m using Mozilla Firefox as my primary web browser, this is the application where I spend a large portion of my working day on.

While it comes with a nice set of features out of the box and is under constant development, there’s also a great ecosystem of add-ons and extensions that make my daily life easier.

Here are some of the add-ons that I can highly recommend (and many of them are available for other browsers like Google Chrome / Chromium as well):

  • Copy PlainText – a tiny extension that removes the formatting from the selection before copying/pasting to/from the Clipboard. This is very useful when pasting text into rich-text editors.
  • Link Text and Location Copier – this extension helps you creating links right from the context menu. It copies a link’s text and location, the page title and URL, or selected text and page URL as either plain text, HTML, Markdown, BB Code, rich text or any custom format you want to define. This is a life saver if you often need to share links in other documents or via instant messengers.
  • Video Speed Controller – Speed up, slow down, advance and rewind any HTML5 video with quick shortcuts. This is useful on video platforms that don’t support changing the playback speed and you want to reduce the time you need to spend on watching a video.
  • Linkificator – this add-on parses text parts of HTML pages to match hypertext patterns not correctly encoded (i.e. not part of an anchor) and add an anchor to enable a standard mouse click to access the target as specified by the hypertext. If you’ve ever been annoyed by non-clickable URLs in a document, this add-on comes to the rescue!
  • Neat URL – this extension cleans URLs, removing parameters such as Google Analytics’ utm parameters. This is handy for sharing URLs without having to manually remove the tracking crap.
  • Tab Mover – a Firefox Addon for quickly moving tabs between windows via the context menu. It can move tabs between two normal windows, two windows in incognito mode and from a normal window to an window in incognito mode. Since it is not possible to directly move tabs between normal windows and windows in incognito mode, Tab Mover can perform the equivalent of moving a tab by closing and reopening such tabs in another window.
  • Tabby – a Window and Tab Manager that helps you easily manage a lot of windows and tabs. It can help you open, close, pin, and do many other things on tabs and windows quickly. You can also drag around tabs to move it, open last used tab/window by using some simple keyboard shortcuts, and much more!

This is just a subset of all the add-ons that I use, but I hope you find these useful! What other add-ons can you recommend?