Tag: productivity

  • Leadership Book Recommendations

    Sharing a list of management/leadership books that I found helpful and that influenced me.

  • Preventing Warnock’s Dilemma in Google Docs

    I recently learned that Google Docs supports approvals on documents, which help to ensure that people read and react to your request for feedback to avoid Warnock’s Dilemma.

  • Web Browser Add-Ons to boost your productivity

    I’m using Mozilla Firefox as my primary web browser, this is the application where I spend a large portion of my working day on. While it comes with a nice set of features out of the box and is under constant development, there’s also a great ecosystem of add-ons and extensions that make my daily…

  • Enabling scroll wheel emulation for the Logitech Trackman Marble on Fedora Linux 24

    Update: this solution does no longer work on later versions of Fedora that switched to Wayland instead of X.org by default. If you don’t want to switch back to X.org and you’re using the GNOME desktop environment, you can enable scroll wheel emulation as outlined here. I’ve been struggling with this for quite some time…

  • Some useful issue queries for Atlassian JIRA

    I wanted to share a few queries I created for Atlassian JIRA, that help me to keep track of my activities (e.g. for a weekly report, or to keep track of issues I submitted to other developers) – maybe they are useful for you, too: “My issues reported last week”: reporter = currentUser() AND createdDate…