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  • This Blog supports ActivityPub!

    I enabled the ActivityPub WordPress plugin on my blog a while ago already but completely forgot about it! Time to change that. If you’d like to get notified about new posts you can follow this blog from any platforms compatible with the ActivityPub protocol (e.g. Firefish, Mastodon, Pixelfed, Akkoma, Friendica, Peertube) via lenz@blog.lenzg.net.

  • Blogging on the openATTIC Community Blog

    In case you were wondering why there were so few posts on this blog in the past weeks: since we’ve set up a dedicated blog for openATTIC, a lot of my recent blogging activity has taken place there. You can find all my posts using the Posts by Lenz Grimmer view.

  • Why the switch to a new blog?

    Serendipity served me quite well for many years, but creating new blog posts has always been rather cumbersome. The old site did not support mobile browsers very well with the current theme. I also got the impression that the S9Y development has pretty much come to a halt, so I did not feel like investing…

  • Welcome to my new blog

    Hi and welcome to my new blog, hosted on https://blog.lenzg.net/. I will keep the old blog posts around, unless someone has a suggestion on how to migrate content from Serendipity to WordPress, without breaking the existing URLs (and comments). I’ll elaborate on my motivation to switch and my plans for this site in following postings.