• Preventing Warnock’s Dilemma in Google Docs

    I recently learned that Google Docs supports approvals on documents, which help to ensure that people read and react to your request for feedback to avoid Warnock’s Dilemma.

  • Our Heatle has finally arrived

    After more than two years of waiting, we finally received our #Heatle induction heater. And it was worth the wait!

  • Visiting the German Climate Computing Centre (DKRZ) in Hamburg

    Yesterday, I had an opportunity to visit the German Climate Computing Centre (Deutsches Klimarechenzentrum – DKRZ) here in Hamburg to learn more about their research and tour their data center. They recently installed a new supercomputer named HLRE-4 Levante, and it was very impressive. What surprised me most was how quiet a data center can […]

  • Book Review: “No Rules Rules” by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer

    I recently finished reading “No Rules Rules – Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention”, which really resonated well with me. Here’s my review and summary.

  • Have you ever heard of “Warnock’s dilemma”?

    Not receiving any feedback on your written communication is a well-known phenomenon called “Warnock’s dilemma”. How can you avoid it?

  • Web Browser Add-Ons to boost your productivity

    I’m using Mozilla Firefox as my primary web browser, this is the application where I spend a large portion of my working day on. While it comes with a nice set of features out of the box and is under constant development, there’s also a great ecosystem of add-ons and extensions that make my daily […]

  • Printing with a Brother MFC-7460DN laser printer on Fedora Linux 33

    This is a follow-up to my previous post Configuring a Brother MFC-7460DN Laser Printer/Scanner on Fedora 23 (64-bit), as things have fortunately changed to the better in the meanwhile. As described in this post, setting up this printer in CUPS on Fedora has become quite an ordeal, as Brother no longer updates the printer drivers […]

  • Ceph Octopus Tech Talk Video now online

    Yesterday, I had the opportunity to join Josh Durgin in a Ceph Tech Talk “What’s new in Octopus”, where we spoke about the key features and changes in the Ceph Octopus release (released in March). I took over the Ceph Dashboard part and gave a quick overview about the key highlights (starting at 5:48). If […]

  • Explore the World Around You Using Machine Learning

    There are two Android apps that I have become very fond of when I’m outside, e.g. spending time in the garden or taking a walk. Both are tools that allow you to learn more about the nature around you, and they use machine learning for doing so. Let me start with BirdNET, an application that […]

  • Deleted my Wire Messenger Account

    Not that I have been advertising or using it much (there are way too many encrypted messengers around nowadays anyway), but I just deleted my Wire account after having read about some recent changes to the ownership and privacy policy of that product. I actually liked the UI, but I never managed to build up […]